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A practical exhibition and explanation of how the solution works or is used.

A demonstration is sometimes used to show that desired functionality exists or is true by giving proof or evidence.

Digital Transformation Kickstart
Journey Progress 17%
Digital Transformation Kickstart
Journey Progress 34%

Business Processes + Use Case Definition

A rapid, workshop and field based approach to articulating the art of the possible in a way that is aligned to user scenario’s.

Often utilising the first 3 stages of the Design Thinking Process (Empathise, Define, Ideate). Often used as the basis for a Prototype or Proof of Concept.


A way of visualising business value over time by creating a logical timeline of multiple initiatives / use cases.

Usually aligned to business functions, the sequence is driven by a number of agreed metrics such as dependencies, cost, technical complexity or capacity for organisational change.

Digital Transformation Kickstart
Journey Progress 51%
Digital Transformation Kickstart
Journey Progress 68%

Proof of Concepts (PoC)

A demonstration whose purpose is to verify that a certain solution or elements of that solution have the potential for real-world application.

A PoC is therefore a form of prototype that is designed to determine feasibility but is not intended to be productionised. It is most commonly used to test and evidence a solution to a complex technical problem.


A first or preliminary version of a solution from which other forms are subsequently developed.

The prototype itself can be made production ready if desired and is often used to form an accelerator for solution realisation stages.

Digital Transformation Kickstart
Journey Progress 85%
Digital Transformation Kickstart
Journey Progress 100%

Pilot Projects

A controlled test of the solution to a limited user base with the intention to introduce it more widely in the future.

Used primarily to gain useful feedback and test benefits before more significant budgetary spend is incurred.

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