Asset Management

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Asset Management for A&D and Manufacturing

Here at Aviya, we think of assets in the broadest sense. Monetary Assets, Finished Products, Inventory, Machinery & Equipment, Buildings, Data and Human Assets – the list goes on! 

Salesforce functionality can be quickly deployed to meet emerging challenges within the civil sector.

Asset Management

Would you like seamless access to hard facts regarding your order-to-cash or purchase-to-payment processes? Maybe your focus is on accessing customer sentiment or transforming employee engagement, health and well-being? 

Below are some suggested use cases, but we know that you could imagine many more. Please contact us if you want to tap into asset management value in the area that is important to you. 

Line-Side Assistance

Track and act upon maintenance actions & unit changes performed by field operators using digital manuals and instructions.

Skills & Time Management

Optimise time spent on specific tasks and activities. Make sure the right people are working on the right tasks at the right time.

Cost & Revenue Tracking

Track costs in relation to tasks and milestones. See how hard you assets are working for you, including human capital.

Warranty Management

Create and manage warranties and entitlements. Drive additional sales processes such as product, service & warranty renewals.

Optimised MRO

Accurately profile required stock & spares, rapidly identify parts and seamlessly access critical specifications & documentation.

Field Service

Preventative maintenance & scheduling, first time break-fix and equipment installation management - all mobile enabled.

Surplus Inventory Management

Strategise and plan the most cost effective ways to handle excess inventory.

Employee Health Protection

Track the health of your valuable workforce to provide support and facilitate critical decisions.

PLM & SCM Integration

Gain a holistic view of product data. Manage issues quickly & effectively, facilitate self-service and improve supplier relations.

Customer Satisfaction

Measure satisfaction, engagement effectiveness and net promoter scores. Review and improve key metrics (e.g. loyalty & intent to re-purchase)

Leased Asset Tracking

Track assets in the field. Store and manage related contracts, maintenance and renewals.

Knowledge Management

Load critical data into searchable and accessible format for suppliers, employees and customers.

IOT / Machine Learning

Automate decision making, reduce maintenance, save energy, and predict maintenance requirements.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Create flexibility in your supply chain using advanced analytics to make profitable decisions and reduce business losses.

User Adoption

Co-create true user-centric layouts and reports with maximum buy-in from stakeholder groups. More carrot - less stick!

ERP / 3rd Party Integration

Enable up to date, end-to-end, 360 degree views of customer, product & process data to create innovative new services and save time.

SIOP Scenario Planning

Gain consensus between sales, finance, procurement, manufacturing and logistics, to increase levels of service and avoid lost sales.

Data Management

Optimise customer engagements, gain unique stakeholder insights and drive performance with real-time business intelligence.