Aviya Business Value Clusters

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Do you want to meet more goals, faster and reduce duplication whilst increasing ‘right first time’ output? We’d be surprised if you didn’t! 

We have presented some typical use cases but please contact us if you would like to drive productivity in similar or adjacent areas of your business.

Business Value Clusters
Business Value Clusters

Asset Management

Here at Aviya we think of assets in the broadest sense. Monetary assets, finished products, inventory, machinery & equipment, buildings, data and human assets – the list goes on! 

We have presented some typical use cases but we know that you could imagine many more. Please contact us if you want to tap into asset management value in the area that is important to you. 

Information Availability

Do you operate using spreadsheets & legacy databases? Perhaps you have an over-reliance on email, paper and word of mouth to share ‘whats what’ around the organisation? 

Unifying these information sources through Salesforce and increasing their accuracy and accessibility elevates decision-making quality and the velocity of business processes. We can help you achieve this and much more.

Business Value Clusters