Information Availability

Unify Information sources with aviya

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Increasing Information Availability for Aerospace & Defense and Manufacturing

Do you operate using spreadsheets and legacy databases? Perhaps you have an over-reliance on email, paper and word of mouth to share ‘whats what’ around the organisation?

Contact us to find out how Aviya can deploy Salesforce functionality rapidly and drive efficient business process from actionable insight.

Information Availability

Driving Actionable Insight From Multiple Data Sources

Unifying these information sources through Salesforce and increasing their accuracy and accessibility elevates decision-making quality and the velocity of business processes. But where do you start?

Perhaps you want an important spreadsheet to be shared widely through desktop and mobile?  Maybe you wish to combine multiple sources to create a more compelling ‘single version of the truth’?

We can help you achieve this and much more.  There are some outline use cases below, but please contact us if you would like to drive value form other information sources in your business.

Sales Performance Tracking

Easily track performance and influence sales team behaviors. Drive process improvement and measure sales strategy.

Customer Insight

Spot opportunities, prioritise responses, track trends and build enhanced relationships.

Actionable Business Analytics

Transform data into actionable insights into the future that inform an organization’s business decisions.

Supply Chain Visualisation

Manage risk and sustainability by modelling the flow of products from raw materials to finished product.

Audit / Action Trail Management

Track actions and manage approvals in a record-able and audit-able way.

Optimised Account Management

Streamline the way accounts are managed. Create true user-centric, role based views across the entire engagement team.

Training Enablement

Rapidly create and publish training material to employees and customers alike in an easily accessible way. any time, any place.

Up-sell & Cross-sell

Look across customer groups to quickly analyse white space opportunities to identify easily missed low hanging fruit.

Leased Asset Tracking

Track assets in the field. Store and manage related contracts, maintenance and renewals.

Knowledge Management

Load critical data into searchable and accessible format for suppliers, employees and customers.

IOT / Machine Learning

Automate decision making, reduce maintenance, save energy, and predict maintenance requirements.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Create flexibility in your supply chain using advanced analytics to make profitable decisions and reduce business losses.

User Adoption

Co-create true user-centric layouts and reports with maximum buy-in from stakeholder groups. More carrot - less stick!.

Data Management

Optimise customer engagements, gain unique stakeholder insights and drive performance with real-time business intelligence.

ERP & 3rd Party Integration

Enable up to date, end-to-end, 360 degree views of customer, product and process data. create new and innovative services & save time.