Knowledge Management for A&D and Manufacturing

Knowledge Management (KM) is a critical part of organisations across all industries, to help them perform in the most optimal way across all entities. Even more so, within the Aerospace Defence and Manufacturing industries that deal with very complex material or services. Accuracy is a highly critical and nonnegotiable requirement. These organisations constantly need to ensure that the latest information sent out is updated and accurate. There are a number of key needs where KM can be critical across processes and procedures, making sure everything is readily accessible. A KMS is the most optimal method of sharing information between teams and colleagues in the most accurate and efficient way. 

KM Challenges Organisations are Facing Today

Many organisations suffer from the lack of best practices for handling documentation and information used by teams across departments. These include field technicians, support centres or between teams in the organisation. Many traditional challenges include:

  • Getting the right answer to a customer or colleague during a call or face-to-face interaction.
  • Difficulty for teams to access knowledge remotely therefore preventing them from getting answers quickly and consistently. This challenge has been heightened due to the pandemic where employees are working in different locations such as from home versus a call centre.
  • Making sure information shared is accurate because of serious implications that information may have e.g., the way a piece of technology is utilised.
  • Ensuring colleagues and teams can view the same information across all locations that an organisation is working from. They lack the ability to provide one single truth across all entities.

Implementing a robust KM system like Lighthouse would enable you to provide real time access information across the entire organisation regardless of the location, therefore saving time, costs and improving the accuracy of all data that organisations require.

“A KMS is the most optimal method of sharing information between teams and colleagues in the most accurate and efficient way.”

Key Benefits of a KM System

  • Reduced time and access to knowledge. This impacts sales processes as teams can give customers the correct information quickly.
  • Reduced employee errors. Increased accuracy when dealing with changes in information across teams, whether in the office or out on the field.
  • Product comparison. Having all content available when comparing products/services without coding/programming provides an improved decision-making process.
  • Faster onboarding time for employees. The readily available information will eliminate the need of lengthy training programs as the information is always available, anytime, and anywhere.

About KMS Lighthouse

KMS Lighthouse is a leading provider of the next-generation KM solution Lighthouse. Lighthouse enhances every engagement by empowering employees, teams and customers with real-time access to accurate and consistent knowledge to improve customer and employee experience alike.

In addition, Lighthouse’s powerful artificial intelligence (AI) search functionality dramatically improves engagements across all service and sales channels, from call centers to branches and stores, including easy integration to enhance existing and future self-service channels.

KMS Lighthouse is the platform that brings clarity from within this vast sea of information so when a site visitor or caller asks your agent and question, Lighthouse searches all relevant data and instantly displays the concise and accurate answer.

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