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Boost Productivity for Aerospace & Defense and Manufacturing

Do you want to meet more goals, faster and reduce duplication whilst increasing ‘right first time’ output? We’d be surprised if you didn’t. 

If you would like to drive productivity in similar or adjacent areas of your business get it touch! 


Over the past 15 years we have seen businesses transform front office and factory productivity by connecting information sources & systems, automating manual processes and even unifying end-customers and sub-tier suppliers. 

We recently worked with a team that doubled in size to support business growth. Over the same time period we increased productivity four-fold using Salesforce powered solutions.

Process Optimisation

Optimise sales, service, marketing and industrial processes by streamlining through Salesforce.

Cost to Service

Dramatically improve internal delivery efficiencies whilst delighting customers.

Mobile Enablement

Connect your workforce & customers through multi-channel information and actions items.

Process Automation

Automate time-sapping process steps and release employees to focus on broader value.

User Experience

Improve user experience and engagement with tailored Salesforce system integration solutions.

Case Management

Manage enquiry volumes and prioritise critical actions through multiple connected channels.

Inventory Management

Track & manage storage, requests, transfers, and inventory consumption regardless of location.

Promotions / Deal Modelling

Analyse, target and run key sales promotions and integrate through to full service delivery.

Employee Health Protection

Maintain employee status and risk. Support the well-being of employees at work or at home.

PLM & SCM Integration

Gain an end to end holistic view of product data. Manage issues quickly & effectively, facilitate self-service and improve supplier relations.

Customer Satisfaction

Measure satisfaction, engagement effectiveness and net promoter scores. Review and improve key metrics (e.g. loyalty & intent to re-purchase)

Optimised Account Management

Streamline the way accounts are managed. Create true user-centric, role based views across the entire engagement team.

Training Enablement

Rapidly create and publish training material to employees and customers alike in an easily accessible way. any time, any place.

Up-sell & Cross-sell

Look across customer groups to quickly analyse white space opportunities to identify easily missed low hanging fruit.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Create flexibility in your supply chain using advanced analytics to make profitable decisions and reduce business losses.

ERP & 3rd Party Integration

Enable up to date, end-to-end, 360 degree views of customer, product and process data to create new and innovative services and save time.

SIOP Scenario Planning

Gain consensus between sales, finance, procurement, manufacturing and logistics, to increase levels of service and avoid lost sales .

Data Management

Optimise customer engagements, gain unique stakeholder insights and drive performance with real-time business intelligence.