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Cloud ERP for Aerospace & Defence Manufacturing

ERP on the Salesforce platform from Rootstock and Aviya.

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Cloud ERP

Application Functionality

Rootstock Cloud ERP is built on the Salesforce Cloud Platform to offer a single solution to your manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain needs—all with low-code customisation. It empowers you to tailor ERP to your processes using the vast power of Salesforce delivered by Aviya and the robust capabilities of Rootstock Cloud ERP. And, as your business changes, low-code lets you quickly adapt without long, expensive, and limiting customisations.

If you have legacy ERP deployed on your own servers, you know the pain customisations cause. Software customisation has, for decades, been a dreaded, expensive, slow endeavour that usually causes as many problems as it solves. It is expensive, highly reliant on IT and technical resources, and can cause “version lock,” which is the inability to take on new software releases. It’s a known limitation of on-premise software, but it’s also one of the reasons cloud-based software has become such a great source of value.

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Cloud ERP